Bed Type

Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. offers a wide variety in CNC bed mills from our Spanish partners Zayer and Goratu-Lagun.  Our CNC bed mills are European engineered and constructed to the highest caliber; always keeping quality first!  The Zayer line of CNC bed type machining centers includes the 20KFU, 20KFG, KFCU, 30KFU, 30KFG & Xios models.  The Goratu-Lagun CNC bed mill includes the GRB model.

These CNC bed mills are ideal for die and mold machining; engineered for maximum accuracy and minimal downtime.  Zayer CNC bed type machining centers range from 1 meter to 8 meters.  Our CNC bed mills range in power from 38  – 50 HP (28 – 37 KW) all with multi-axis 45 degree MANUAL,  AUTOMATIC, TWIST and HURE heads proprietary by the industry’s leader.

All CNC bed mills from Zayer and Goratu-Lagun are offered exclusively through Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. in the United States and surrounding! 

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