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Studio Mill S8

Studio Mill S8 compact machines that meet the demands for drilling, milling and engraving of small parts and molds. The S8 possesses high thermal and mechanical stability to ensure a lifetime of accuracy. It is equipped with a 8-tool carousel-type ATC for saving tool change time. For increased efficiency and accuracy, put the Studio Mill to work in your plant or shop.

Studio Mill S5

Now, you get the right CNC mill with outstanding features for precise and efficient operation year after year. Just consider Republic Lagun CNC Studio Mills. They are quality built throughout with many outstanding features, such as windows based conversational CNC control, 8,000 rpm spindle speed and linear ways on three axis that allows for high speed machining and lots more.

Studio Mill S1

Perfect for streamlined machining of small intricate shaped parts and jobs requiring high accuracy and high efficiency.

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