At Lagun Engineering, we’re proud to be one of the oldest machine tool OEMs in the U.S. With more than 95,000 machines installed worldwide, we are committed to building high-quality machinery and to providing you with exceptional customer service. No matter the task, we’ll build the right machine for your specific job, with the utmost attention to detail. Three generations strong, we stand committed to helping you create your vision.

Our History

Our Machines

Our industrial production life began prior to World War II in a small machine shop in northern Spain. With 15 employees, we began building our first machine, a bench type hand mill. Over the years, many other models of milling machines and engine lathes were added to our product line. In 1960, we entered the American market, shipping machines to importers and selling them under their trade name.

In 1965, after merging with other machine builders in Spain, we decided to establish an American organization and, by 1968, Republic Machinery Company, Inc. was established in California. In 1972, we changed our name to Republic-Lagun Machine Tool Company, to more closely reflect our specific business. Today, our dedicated team of expert engineers and manufacturers is 496 strong and our facilities occupy over 180,000 square feet.

We offer 148 products, including a variety of conventional and CNC machines, as well as a complete line of accessories—all at competitive prices. Our lineup includes Vertical mills (Manual & CNC), Horizontal-Vertical Mills, Lathes, (Manual & CNC), Heavy Duty Bed Mills, Geminis Heavy Duty Lathes, and Zayer Heavy Duty Mills (Bed, Travelling Column, Bridge and Gantry mills). It is our lasting commitment to provide you with the highest quality, value and dependable service for as long as you own your Lagun.

What’s more, we are the only machine manufacturer that provides on-call service with a 24-hour on-site guarantee. With more than three million replacement parts and accessories in stock, if ever there’s an issue, we’ll have your equipment up and running in no time.