Bermaq- BOX Portable Methacrylate/Acrylic Polishing Machine

Lagun Engineering is proud to present Bermaq’s BOX, a portable methacrylate polishing machine. The BOX was created for polishing the edges of methacrylate, PC, aluminum, resins, PMMA, and other non-ferrous materials. The BOX was built and designed for both portability and performance, coming with two handles and chip extraction to ensure easy setup and use wherever required. It’s perfect for polishing methacrylate displays, decorative elements made of thermoplastics, elements for stands, gift items, jewelry and much more.

Even though the BOX costs less than many of Bermaq’s larger machines, its patented diamond tool polishing system allows this portable tabletop machine to achieve high-quality finishes equal to a high-performance methacrylate polisher. Even with its small volume and portability, it allows working several pieces at the same time in the same pass, speeding up the work and optimizing production times.