Republic Lagun CNC

For over 30 years, Republic Lagun CNC has proudly delivered a higher standard of precision and innovation. Machinists have come to recognize and rely on the success that comes from having a Republic Lagun CNC on the job.
Studio Mill Series

Now, you get the right CNC mill with outstanding features for precise and efficient operation year after year. Just consider Republic Lagun CNC Studio Mills. They are quality built throughout with many outstanding features, such as windows based conversational CNC control, 8,000 rpm spindle speed and linear ways on three axis that allows for high speed machining and lots more.

Vertical Grinding Centers (VGC)

The Republic Lagun CNC offers  highly-abrasive CNC vertical grinding centers with 5-axis machining capabilities. These machines are engineered to grind exotic materials such as titanium or InconelTM by utilizing either nickel Plated or VIT CBN wheels.

These machines are built for YOU. What does this mean? We give you the option to decide which control you prefer from Fanuc to Siemens, Heidenhain, Fagor etc., we will write the PLC to make it happen for your convenience.

They are proudly built in our California facility to include special features such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) electrics, NFPA 79 standards and more! See below for additional information.


Explosion Proof Vertical Band Saw


CNC Explosion Proof Slant Bed Lathe with 4-axis interpolation capabilities.


CNC lathe built to D.O.D specifications with sliding enclosure.


CNC lathe installed in a limited space bunker.


Column-type floor drill.


3-Axis CNC vertical mill


3-axis horizontal mill with rise & fall


Automatic Dual Column Bandsaw

4020 E - Vertical Machining Center
Vertical Machining Center- E Series

Republic Lagun CNC’s vertical machining centers E Series delivers the same dependable performance at a more affordable price.

CNC Vertical Machining Center
Vertical Machining Centers (VMC)

Republic Lagun CNC’s vertical machining centers (VMC) take torque to a whole new level!

Whatever your requirements, these machining centers were built to withstand multiple tasks from heavy-duty cutting to mold making. They are engineered to fit YOUR needs, offering a variety of different controls from Fanuc, Siemens, Fagor, Heidenhain etc. to 4 and 5 axis capabilities.

These machines are built with pride in our California facilities to  include special features such as Underwriters  Laboratories (UL) electrics, NFPA 79 standards and more! See below for more information.


BERMAQ’s AMI-C machine has been designed and manufactured to polish polymethyl methacrylate parts and acrylics. The result obtained is a high quality transparent finish. The machine is intended for the decoration sector (decorative goods and gifts).


UTC CNC lathes by Republic Lagun CNC are specifically constructed for job shops, tool rooms, maintenance and production applications.Maximum advantages: maximum precision and long lived lathes and tools.

Large UTC CNC Lathes

Republic Lagun CNC lathes represent unparalleled quality and longevity. Engineered for ultimate performance, each model provides enhanced precision in every application. Republic Lagun CNC Lathes are built to last, delivering years of durability, forged from the ‘know how’ you’ve come to expect from our industry leading technology.

KMC CNC Milling Machine - Feature
KMC 310-F CNC Milling Machine

The KMC 310-F delivers the support you need to ensure accurate alignment and the best surface-finish performance for every application. Standard equipment includes ultra precision ballscrews, massive square box ways support the table, while precision-ground and hardened dovetail guideways provide improved accuracy.

Rise & Fall CNC Milling Machine
Rise & Fall CNC Milling Machine

The rise and fall horizontal spindle mills have a table that moves in the 3 axis x,y, and z by means of precision ball screws. The spindle is horizontal and can be used with a horizontal arbor that supports a wide range of tools from grinding wheels to horizontal cutting tools or precision polishing tools.

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