H&H Machine Tools Ultra 5 & Ultra 8 Gantry Type Machining Center



  • Two X-axis (X1 and  X2)
  • Two rotary axis holding three jigs each (A1 and A2)
  • Two axis in the milling head (A and C-axis)
  • For production of long and complex parts
  • Project specific solutions
  • Each trunnion can hold up to three different fixtures
  • Operator or robot can load or unload whilst machining in progress to reduce idle times
  • Proven in aircraft components production
  • Scalable machine size, with axis travel to machine requirements
  • Fully enclosed with active cooling machine frame for superior accuracy
  • With optional vision system for part identification
  • Data security for aircraft parts production


H&H’s Ultra 5 & 8 Gantry Type Machining Center, the perfect solution for machining any type of material. The Ultra 5 & 8 boast an ultra rigid design, allowing for unparalleled accuracy and high speed machining performance. Scalable machine sizes, with axis travels, spindles and performance to customer requirements.

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X-axis (longitudinal)78.74″ – 1181.10″ (2000mm – 30000mm)118.11″ – 1181.10″ (3000mm – 30000mm)98.42″ – 236.22″ (2500mm – 6000mm)
Y-axis (cross)78.74″ – 236.22″ (2000mm – 6000mm)78.74″ – 295.27″ (2000mm – 7500mm)98.42″ – 137.79″ (2500mm – 3500mm)
Z-axis (vertical)31.49″ – 118.11″ (800mm – 3000mm)31.49″ – 78.74″ (800mm – 2000mm)31.49″ – 59.05″ (800mm – 1500mm)
Milling Head TypeMH63DDMH63DD/ MH100 DD/ MH50-UV45(X)MH63DD/ MH100 DD
Spindle TypeHSS 24/55 HSK-A63 HSS 18/28 HSK-A63HSS 24/55 HSK-A63 / HSS 24/100 HSK-A63 (MH63DD) HSS 13/67 HSK-A 100 / HSS 15/65 HSK-A100 (MH100 DD) ISO/BT50 or HSK-A 100 (MH50-UV45(X))HSS 24/55 HSK-A63 (MH63DD) HSS 13/63 HSK-A100 / HSS 15/65 HSK-A 100 (MH100 DD)
Spindle RPM24,000RPM/55kW [74HP] 18,000RPM/28kW [38HP](MH63 DD) 24,000 RPM/55kW [74HP]/24,000 RPM/100kW [134HP](MH63 DD) 13,000 RPM/67kW [90HP]15,000 RPM/65kW [87HP](MH100 DD) 5,000 RPM/40kW [54HP] (MH 50-UV45(X)24,000 RPM/ 55kW [74HP] (MH63 DD) 13,000 RPM/67kW [90HP]/ 15,000 RPM/65kW [87HP] (MH100 DD)
Spindle Torque55Nm [41FT-LB] 46Nm [34FT-LB]88Nm [65FT-LB]/102Nm [75FT-LB](MH63 DD) 268Nm [198FT-LB]124Nm [91FT-LB](MH100 DD) 950Nm [700FT-LB](MH50-UV45(X))88Nm [65FT-LB] (MH63 DD) 268Nm [198FT-LB] / 124Nm [91FT-LB] (MH100 DD)
A-axis±110° (MH63 DD)±110° (MH63 DD/ MH100 DD) 360° endless (X-version ±185°) (MH 50-UV45(X))±110° (MH63 DD/ MH100 DD)
C-axis±500° (MH63 DD)±500° (MH63 DD/ MH100 DD) 360° endless (X-version ±185°)(MH 50-UV45(X))±500° (MH63 DD/ MH100 DD)
Positioning incrementsContinuous/0.0001° (MH63 DD)Continuous/0.0001° (MH63 DD/ MH100 DD) 1° (X-version infinite positioning) (MH 50-UV45(X))Continuous/0.0001° (MH63 DD) Continuous/0.0001°(MH100 DD)
Maximum positioning speed360°/s(MH63 DD)360°/s (MH63 DD/MH100 DD) 180°/s (MH 50-UV45(X))360°/s(MH63 DD/MH100 DD)
Torque A-axis for 5-axis contouring772.96 ft-lb (1048Nm) (MH63 DD)772.96 ft-lb (1048Nm)(MH63 DD) 1495.77 ft-lb (2028Nm)(MH100 DD) Hirth coupling (MH 50-UV45(X))772.96 ft-lb (1048Nm)(MH63 DD) 1495.77 ft-lb (2028Nm)(MH100 DD)
Torque C-axis for 5-axis contouring765.58 ft-lb(1038Nm) (MH63 DD)765.58 ft-lb(1038Nm) (MH63 DD) 1588.70 ft-lb(2154Nm) (MH100 DD) Hirth coupling (MH 50-UV45(X))765.58 ft-lb(1038Nm)(MH63 DD) 1588.70 ft-lb(2154Nm)(MH100 DD)
Holding torque for 3+2 machining2,212.68 ft-lb(3000Nm) Mechanical locking(MH63 DD)2,212.68 ft-lb(3000Nm)/ Mechanical locking (MH63 DD) 3687.81 ft-lb (5000Nm) /Mechanical locking (MH100 DD) 5531.71 ft-lb (7500Nm)/Mechanical locking (MH 50-UV45(X))2,212.68 ft-lb(3000Nm)/ Mechanical locking (MH63 DD) 3687.81 ft-lb (5000Nm) /Mechanical locking (MH100 DD)
Accuracy4” = 0.001°4” = 0.001°4” = 0.001°

* All Product Specs are Subject to Change at Any Time

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