Lagun provides a variety of CNC traveling column mills, turning, and vertical milling centers, used in medical and precision equipment machining around the globe. Intricate lab machines for hip replacements, molds for knee caps, plastic surgeries and even packaging for pharmaceuticals are just a few things we help create.
Commonly used in Medical
Studio Mill

The Studio cnc mill is a compact machine that meets the demand for drilling, milling, and engraving of small parts. This cnc milling machine possesses high thermal and mechanical stability to ensure a lifetime of accuracy.

Dual Table Frontal Bridge Type Vertical Machining Center - Feature
Dual Table Frontal Bridge VMC

This vertical machining center is designed with a dual table making it ideal for high production operations and is equipped with a 10,000 RPM spindle with Big Plus® dual contact technology. An optional cartridge style spindle allows for machining up to 15,000 RPM. The large tool magazine provides all the necessary tools to machine the most complex work pieces. An offset guideway design increases the rigidity of the spindle housing and the built in auger type chip conveyor with a wash down system ensures optimal chip removal.


The ATV-618-TR is a high speed, accuracy, precision tool-room lathe with infinitely variable speeds and feeds.

Standard Equipment

•Electronic Variable Speed drive system. 3 HP Yasakawa inverter; 50 to 4000rpm
•Complete 3/60/220 volt electrics with 110 volt controls and thermal overload protection
•Flood coolant pump and nozzle
•Standard 5C collet closer (manual)
•Inch/metric dual dials
•Tailstock MT # 2
•Welded steel pedestal/cabinet
•Work light
•Test bar
•Leveling pads
•Set of manuals and service tools


The ATV-618 ET is a high speed, accuracy, precision tool-room lathe with infinitely variable speeds and feeds,and electronic threading.

Standard Equipment

• Electronic threading with micro processing controls.
• 2-Axis digital readout system.
• Complete 3/60/220 volt electrics with 110 volt controls and thermal overload protection.
• Flood coolant pump and nozzle.
• Standard 5C collet closer (manual).
• Inch/metric dual dials.
• Welded steel pedestal/cabinet.
• Work light.
• Test bar, leveling pads, tool setting gage, drive dog plate, and headstock center.
• Set of manuals and service tools.

SG Series

maching centre specifically designed for working soft materials such as composites, polystirene, resins and fibres at high speed. It is ideal milling machine for patterns production and workpiece countourning. It covers the requirements of the nautical, automotive, aerospace, railway and scenograhy industries. Thanks to the aerial guidance concept and modular structure, the SG milling machine is the perfect alternative for the machining of large workpieces since it uses its scope as working area.

4020 E - Vertical Machining Center
Vertical Machining Center- E Series

Republic Lagun CNC’s vertical machining centers E Series delivers the same dependable performance at a more affordable price.

CNC Vertical Machining Center
Vertical Machining Center

Lagun Engineering CNC vertical machining centers take torque to a whole new level. Whatever your requirements, these machining centers were built to withstand multiple tasks from heavy-duty cutting to mold making.

Viscom Modular CNC Milling Machine

The Viscom modular CNC milling machine is engineered for a broad range of applications and for a variety of materials including composites, non-ferrous metals, or even wood. Its rigid structure enables easy customization to meet just about any production demand.

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