Lagun Heavy Mills Machine MM Traveling Column

Lagun’s traveling column milling machine model MM is manufactured and engineered in Lagun’s facilities in Spain. Lagun’s great success in the machine tool sector, together with the expertise of their R&D department resulted in a new generation of TRAVELING COLUMN MILLING MACHINES of excellent quality, great performance, accuracy, flexibility and high output.

The MM machine aims to meet the needs of manufacturing bulky and complex shaped pieces during which flexible solutions to secure access of the tool to the machining area.

The universality of the moving column milling machine enables to conceive machines for a variety of applications with the main travel guided on a robust bed and with a large variety of workpiece set-ups elements.

The independence of set-ups or the tables, from the bed-column assembly, makes it possible to arrange these parts in a different way or dimensions, thus creating a distinct machine with each arrangement.

Today’s milling standard of the industry.