Lagun Heavy Mills MM Traveling Column Mill


  • MM- Moving Column Milling Machines (floor type)
  • Fitted with a robust bed with ribbed reinforcement following the finite element method
  • Coolant and swarf are collected in the foundation on the floor
  • Possibility of machining long lengths thanks to the double rack and pinion transmission on the X-axis


Lagun Engineering’s MM Traveling Column Mill, a floor type mill with a universally moving column. Because this model comes independent of a fixed table it becomes highly customizable and therefore versatile. As a result this flexible system makes the ML Traveling Column Mill the ideal machine for heavy duty, and complex jobs.

Built with a modular configuration, all models in this spectacular MM mill line have interchangeable slides, rams and columns. This design method endows each machine with enhanced rigidity, precision and ergonomic working comfort for the operator.

Benefits of this modular design system include:

Increased versatility insuring a speedy manufacturing process

Easy customization with a greater degree of adaptability

Stronger machines due to design optimization, coupled with lean and simplified repetitive manufacturing

Easy maintenance because of design – no superfluous elements

Greater precision with the optimal configuration of slide/ram and roller/shoes

With X travels of 154.5″ to 472.4″, this adaptable mill allows you to utilize the full length of the column’s bed thanks to it’s double rack and pinion transmission. By placing the working part or parts on multiple tables along the bedway, the ML mill enables you to work multiple pieces at once. Alternatively, by machining parts mounted directly on the floor the parts weight capacity becomes limitless. Although this bed is not equipped with a fixed table, it is compatible with several styles such as rotary, floor and angled.

Designed to be as close to the column as possible, the mills ram placement ensures a sturdy column-slide-ram assembly. This results in a rigid and light slide for vertical movement.

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