Lagun Portable Gantry Machine FGP

Lagun’s FGP series is a portable gantry machine ideal for onsite machining of a part that is too large to move. This technology allows one to set the machine up surrounding the workpiece.

What is on-site machining?

Technology that is the opposite of our traditional
method of machining–the machine is moved instead of the workpiece.
Portable machines are moved to the part instead of spending time
transporting the part to a machining workshop and back to its place
of assembly.

By using portable machines, high quality and accuracy machining
can be achieved on site.

-Time and effort savings: downtime is shortened by having the workpiece to be
machined available in its usual assembly area. Logistics and transportation costs
are also eliminated.
-Cost savings: By reducing downtime in your workshop and eliminating
transportation costs, significant economic savings are achieved.
-On-site machining is the only way to machine some workpieces that cannot be
transported to the machine tool workshop.

It is the ideal machine for shipbuilding, energy- turbine housing,
turbine split lines, generator corset, machining pump and motor pads,

For additional information regarding this machine and the special solutions it can provide, contact a Lagun Expert. See additional Lagun Heavy Mills machines here.