Lagun keeps us productive.

“We’ve been working with our Lagun mill in the shop for over 10 years. I can’t recall a single issue with the machine over that time span. For a machine we use every day, it’s critical to nearly every bike we build. The dependability of our Lagun keeps us rolling and productive. We couldn’t ask for more than that from a tool.”

It is a pretty sweet machine!

“All is well. I have been using the lathe for almost two weeks. It is a pretty sweet machine! Thanks for everything.”
TA Instruments

Working together is success.

“Our premium-priced Lagun shop machines are the operators’ favorites. Our mills and lathes show the durability and reliability that one would expect from such exclusive equipment. Their simple layout makes the operation intuitive. As our shop manager says, ‘it will cut!’”
FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Machine Shop

Lagun Platinum Club

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