Republic Lagun Machine Tool Megamill MVM-4 Vertical Knee Mill

Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. presents the Megamill MVM-4 Vertical Knee Mill. Equipped with a # 40 NST spindle taper and a spindle run out of 0.0002” (0.005mm), the heavy duty MVM-4 guarantees highly accurate results. Additionally, the spindle is constructed of fully hardened and ground, ultra-stable SCM415 (SAE4115) Cr-Mo steel alloy with tempering treatment. For your convenience this model comes equipped with a one shot lubrication system. This system provides oil to all sliding surfaces, nuts, and lead screws, eliminating the need to manually lubricate each part individually. Lastly the power drawbar located on the mills head adds to the vertical mills’ easy use. By automating the process of loosening and tightening the drawbar, the user can smoothly and quickly change the mills tools. The combination of these traits makes this vertical knee mill machine a user friendly, reliable, and durable machine.

The MVM-4 Vertical Knee Mill also has an optional Electronic Variable Speed (EVS) head, which provides full HP at all RPMs. This helps decrease energy consumption by delivering speed levels as needed, as opposed to consistently. By assuring it runs precisely at the users desired speed, the EVS head also avoids disturbing material during milling.

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