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TS– Manual Feed

TSA– Automatic feed (mechanical clutch)

TSE– Automatic feed (Electromagnetic clutch

  • Lighting equipment
  • Adjustable depth end with ruler in metric
  • Automatic tool ejector
  • Working table with “T” slots with rotary around the column possibilities. Vertically adjustable table, by pinion and rack and treated surface.
  • Base with “T” slots. Treated surface.
  • 2 speed motor: 750/1,500 RPM 1/1.5 HP
  • CE safety rules, with protection in the working area and the necessary electrical protections
  • Maximum drilling capacity in steel of 154.3 lbs (70 kg); 1.26” (32 mm).
  • Maximum tapping capacity in steel of 154.3 lbs (70 kg); 1 7/64” (M.28).
  • Morse taper No.: 4
  • Maximum drilling depth: 6.3” (160 mm)
  • Speeds No 8.- Standard range at 50 Hz: 75-150-235-325-470-650-1,050-2,100 RPM
  • Speeds No. 8- Standard range at 60 Hz: 90-180-282-390-564-780-1,260-2,520 RPM
  • Geared drive with top quality steel gears and arbors treated and grounded.
  • Top quality steel main spindle/toothing quill, fully treated and grounded (exterior, interior, grooves and teeth).
  • Measuring front rule, with adjustable depth limit and reading index.
  • Automatic greasing system of the gear boxes.
  • Emergency push button
  • Spindle safety micro.
  • Coolant system set in the base. (TSR/TSA/TSER models).

R– Coolant System


  • 32-TS / TSR/ TSAR

  • Table

  • Maximum drilling capacity in steel 154.3 lbs (70 kgs)

    1.26" (32 mm)

  • Maximum drilling Capacity in cast iron 200 Br.

    1.38" (35 mm)

  • Drilling feed

    Manual / Manual / -

  • Main motor

    1/1.5 HP

  • Standard speeds 50 Hz. - 750/1500 RPM


  • Standard speeds 60 Hz. - 750/1500 RPM


  • Morse taper no.

    MT 4


One year or 2,000 hours from date of installation, (single shifting) whichever occurs first. For parts and service contact our support team at


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*Applies to domestic sales only.


Frontal wheel for fine sensitive feed

Speed electronic variator

Speed digital reader (for models with variator)

Depth digital reading

Tapping system IR/RS

Automatic tapping system by lead screw

Rotating table

Cycles counter (for models with hydro block)

Reversible fixed table with vice