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Lagun’s vertical knee mill has a mechanical infinite variable speed head providing full HP at all RPM’s.



Lagun’s vertical knee mill has a mechanical infinite variable speed head providing full HP at all RPM’s.


The backbone of Republic Lagun Machine Tool is the notable vertical knee mill model Lagun FTV2F. This mill features induction hardened and ground ways which is a process that is more consistent and precise than flame hardening and does not score or wear off like chrome. Our Lagun Mill features square ways for rigidity and dovetail ways for accuracy on the knee. No other machine has this feature. It also consists of an extra wide saddle (23”) with Turcite to ensure smooth, non-stick and precise travel for the cross and table movement with a constant 5 HP motorized head with high velocity cooling system to keep the head at a constant temperature, it surpasses its competition in capacity.

*Note: If you would like a combination machine that allows you to work on it manually or CNC, please take a look at our Millmatics.


  • FTV-2F

  • Table

  • Table size

    55.25” x 10” (1,403 x 254 mm)

  • T-slots

    3 on 2.51” centers (3 on 64 mm)

  • T-slot size

    0.63” (16 mm)

  • Maximum weight on table

    750 lbs. (340 kg) evenly distributed

  • Travels

  • Table travel X-axis, manual/ with power feed

    37.99” / 34.64” (965 / 880 mm)

  • Cross travel, Y axis

    15.98” (406 mm)

  • Knee travel, Z axis

    15.98” (406 mm)

  • Ram travel

    22.44” (570 mm)

  • Head

  • Main motor

    5 HP (3.72 kW)

  • Mechanical infinite variable speed with (High-Low) manual settings

    55 to 4,250 RPM. Low (55 to 490 RPM) High (490 to 4,250 RPM).
    *Optional. Electronic Variable Speed- 0 to 4,200 RPM

  • Head swivel (Left to right)

    +/- 90°

  • Head tilt (Front to back)

    +/- 45°

  • Distance, spindle to column

    5 to 26.96” (127 to 685 mm)

  • Distance, spindle to table

    0 to 17.99” (0 to 457 mm)

  • Quill

  • Power quill feeds

    .0015, .00314, .00511 in./rev (0.04;0.08; 0.13mm/rev)

  • Spindle taper

    *Optional #40 NST; #30 NST; or Universal Q.S. 200 or 300

  • Quill diameter

    3.38” (86 mm)

  • Quill travel

    5” (127 mm)


One year or 2,000 hours from date of installation, (single shifting) whichever occurs first.

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*Applies to domestic sales only.


Electronic variable speed (EVS)

5 HP motor, 0-4250 RPM

Special electrics

CSA/Underwriters laboratories (UL)

Newall DP700 System

2 or 3 axis digital readout

Acu-Rite M203

2 or 3 axis digital readout

Pneumatic power drawbar

Rotary table

These tables can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Universal dividing head

Right angle head

Designed to simplify right angle work by reducing the need of special tooling and difficult fixtures. Ideal for cavities & pocket jobs.

Slotting head

Shaping head can perform intricate shapes, extrude dies and complex patterns, can be placed at any vertical or compound angle to the table. It is a must in cases of blind holes. This can be mounted permanently on the ram rear support and be swung 180 to position it over the table for usage.

Steel clamping kit

Spindle safety guard

with microswitch


Flame hardened vise with swivel base.

Halogen work light

Power feed

Available for X,Y,Z axis