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American Turnmaster Power Series One 35×160 with 9″ Bore SN#:08120677

Republic Lagun’s American Turnmaster Power One 35” series lathe.  The American Turnmaster “Power One” series provides superior craftsmanship and outstanding performance.

Standard Equipment:

  • 6 way rapid traverse
  • Top slide with auto geared feed for tapers
  • Heavy duty square tool post
  • 2-speed tailstock
  • Automatic lubrication to ways and screws
  • Flood coolant system
  • Halogen work light

Optional Items Included:

9.0” (230mm) Spindle Bore, 18 speeds 16~700 RPM
30 hp motor
Hydraulic taper Attachment (Full Center Distance range). (“Hydraulic taper” and “full length profile cutter” will need to follow a template).
Rear Chuck Adapter Plate 9” (230mm) Bore, A2-15
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Imperial Metric
Swing over bed35 "880 mm
Swing over cross slide24"610 mm
Swing over gapSwing over gap: 523/4 "1,340mm
Length of gap from headstock24"600 mm
Center distance160" mm
Bed width / lower way22" 560 mm
Spindle bore, nose, and speed range9.05” (230 mm) , A2-15, 16 - 700 RPM, 18 speeds9.05” (230 mm) , A2-15, 16 - 700 RPM, 18 speeds
Spindle speed:18 Steps18 Steps
Main motor standard30 HP22.37KW
Carriage & Apron
Cross slide travel26.37"670 mm
Compound slide travel15.75"400 mm
Travel, Threads & Feeds
Leadscrew pitch; TPI(mm)2 TPI(12 mm)
Thread; TPI(kind); range & (No):1/2 - 28"(60)1 - 56 mm(60)
Modular thread; MOD(kind); range & (No)0.25 - 14(60)0.25 - 14(60)
Diametral thread; DP(kind); range & (No)2 - 112(60)2 - 112(60)
Longitudinal feed range:0.0018 to 0.1 in/rev 0.045~2.55 mm/rev
Cross feed range0.0009 to 0.05 in/rev 0.022 to 1.28 mm/rev
Rapid feeds, longitudinal79 in/min2000 mm/min
Rapid feeds, cross50 in/min1,270 mm/min
Tailstock (2-speed)
Diameter of quill4 1/2"Ø 115 mm
Quill diameter7 7/8"Ø 200 mm
Quill travel, 2-speed11 3/4"Ø 300 mm
Quill speed ratios1:1 & 4:11:1 & 4:1
Bearing surface on ways19 3/4"500 mm


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