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American Turnmaster Engine Lathes

The American Turnmaster engine lathes series by Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. is a reliable manual lathe with an innovative tri v-way design. These lathes range from 13” to 21” swings with a distance between center from 40” to 120” and up to 12.5 Hp.

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Imperial Metric
Swing Over Bed13.46" to 21.33"342 mm to 542 mm
Swing Over Cross Slide8.07" to 14.96"205 mm to 380 mm
Distance Between Centers29.92" to 118.11"760 mm to 3,000 mm
Swing in Gap20.15" to 31.10"512 mm to 790 mm
Gap Width from Spindle Nose5.90" or 9.84"150 mm or 250 mm
Spindle Nose, Cam-lockD1-4 or D1-8D1-4 or D1-8
Spindle Bore1.57 or 3.15"40 mm or 80 mm
Spindle Speeds8 steps or 16 Steps
Optional EVS
8 steps or 16 Steps
Optional EVS
Spindle Speed Range
Optional EVS
20 RPM to 2,000 RPM
20 RPM to 2,200 RPM w/ EVS
36 RPM to 1,800 RPM
20 RPM to 2,200 RPM w/ EVS
Length on Bed17.32" or 21.37"440 mm or 543 mm
Width of Bridge15.11" or 21.33"384 mm or 542 mm
Cross Slide Travel7.08" or 10.71"180 mm or 272 mm
Top Slide Travel3.93" or 5.39"100 mm or 137 mm
Number of V Ways33
Bed WIdth9.05" or 13.58" 230 mm or 345 mm
Feeds & Threads
Range of Threads2 TPI to 72 TPI0.2 mm to 14 mm
Number of Threads45 kinds39 kinds
Longitudinal Feed0.0015" to 0.0669"0.05 mm to 1.7 mm
Cross Feeds0.0007" to 0.0334"0.02 mm to 0.85 mm
Quill Diameter1.96" or 2.99"50 mm or 76 mm
Quill Travel4.40" or 6.49"112 mm or 165 mm
Quill CenterM.T.3 or M.T.5M.T.3 or M.T.5
Main Motor
up to 12.5 Hpup to 9.32 kW
Coolant Pump0.125 Hp0.093 kW
Length Packed78.74" to 182.04"2,000 mm to 4624 mm
Width Packed37.99" or 44.09"965 mm or 1,120 mm
Height packed74.80"1900 mm
Gross Weight1,874 lb to 9,260 lb1,000 kg to 4,200 kg


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