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The ATV-618 ET is a high speed, accuracy, precision tool-room lathe with infinitely variable speeds and feeds,and electronic threading.

Standard Equipment

• Electronic threading with micro processing controls.
• 2-Axis digital readout system.
• Complete 3/60/220 volt electrics with 110 volt controls and thermal overload protection.
• Flood coolant pump and nozzle.
• Standard 5C collet closer (manual).
• Inch/metric dual dials.
• Welded steel pedestal/cabinet.
• Work light.
• Test bar, leveling pads, tool setting gage, drive dog plate, and headstock center.
• Set of manuals and service tools.

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Spindle Accuracy Up to 25 millionths of an inch
Available With Digital Read Out (DRO)
Optional Electronic Threading
Up to 5 HP Electronic Variable Speed (EVS)


Imperial Metric
Swing Over Bed11"280 mm
Swing Over Carriage9"229 mm
Swing Over Cross slide6"152 mm
Distance Between Centers18"457 mm
Length of Bed36"915 mm
Spindle Nose Diameter2.189"55.6 mm
Spindle SpeedInfinitely variableInfinitely variable
Spindle Speed Range0 to 4,000 RPM0 to 4,000 RPM
Spindle nose, ID / CO, 5C10°/4°10°/4°
Spindle Nose, Outside Taper
5C Round collets1 - 1/16"27 mm
5C Hex collets7/8"22 mm
5C Square collets3/4"19 mm
With Expanding Collets3"76 mm
With Step Chucks1-1/16" to 6"27 mm to 152 mm
With Jaw Chucks6"150 mm
Travels, Feeds, and Threads
Cross Slide Travel6"152 mm
Compound Slide Travel3"76 mm
Quick Action Compound Slide Travel0.1"2.54 mm
Carriage Variable Feed Range3/16 to 4” 5 to 102 mm
Cross Slide Variable Reed Range5/16 to 7” 8 to 178 mm
Leadscrew, Pitch x Diameter8 TPI X 1"8 TPI x 25.4 mm
Thread Range3.175 to 500 TPI3.175 to 500 TPI
Tailstock Spindle Diameter1.358"35 mm
Spindle TaperNo. 2 MTNo. 2 MT
Spindle Travel3.75"95 mm
Main drive, EVS, 3/60/220 volt3 Hp; Opt. 5HP2.237KkW; Opt. 3.72KW
Coolant Pump Motor0.25 Hp0.19 kW
Gross Weight2,640 lbs 1,200 kg


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