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Dual Table Frontal Bridge VMC

This vertical machining center is designed with a dual table making it ideal for high production operations and is equipped with a 10,000 RPM spindle with Big Plus® dual contact technology. An optional cartridge style spindle allows for machining up to 15,000 RPM. The large tool magazine provides all the necessary tools to machine the most complex work pieces. An offset guideway design increases the rigidity of the spindle housing and the built in auger type chip conveyor with a wash down system ensures optimal chip removal.

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Imperial Metric
X-Axis84.65”2,150 mm
U-Axis86.22”2,190 mm
Y-Axis43.31”1,100 mm
Z-Axis29.53"750 mm
Working Area of Table39.37” x 43.31”1,000 mm x 1,100 mm
T-slot0.35” x 0.71” x 3.34”9 mm x 18 mm x 100 mm
Maximum Table Load Weight2,205 lb1,000 kg
TaperISO 40ISO 40
Spindle Taper12,000 RPM12,000 RPM
Spindle Motor20.12 / 24.81 Hp15 kW / 18.5 kW
Spindle Diameter10.63”270 mm
X,Y,Z/U Rapid Feed1,574.80" / 944.88" per minute40 m / 24 m per minute
3 axes Cutting Feed393.70" per minute10,000 mm per minute
X & U Ballscrew2.48” x P30 / C363 mm x P30 / C3
Recommended X/U Axes MotorsX: αF22/3000i-22NM(ABS) for bothX: αF22/3000i-22NM(ABS) for both
Y Ballscrew1.97” x P16 / C350 mm x P16 / C3
Recommended X Axes MotorsαF22/3000i-22NMαF22/3000i-22NM
Z Ballscrew1.97” x P20 / C350 mm x P20 / C3
Recommended X Axes MotorsαF40B/3000i+FAN-53NMαF40B/3000i+FAN-53NM
Maximum Tool Diameter5.91”150 mm
Maximum Tool Length13.78”350 mm
Maximum Tool Weight15.43 lb7 kg
Time of Tool Change1.94 sec. (50Hz) ; 1.64 sec. (60Hz)1.94 sec. (50Hz) ; 1.64 sec. (60Hz)
Floor Space306.69” x 204.42”7,790 mm x 5,200 mm
Machine Weight34,172 lb15,500 kg


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