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The FUTV-130 horizontal vertical milling machine from Lagun Engineering Solutions combines the very best of tradition and innovation. Low voltage controls and a 3-axis simultaneous power feed with rapid traverse are just a few of the outstanding features of this quality machine.

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Table Size 51" × 11"
Rapid Traverse 3-axis
Flood Coolant System
Swivel Table ±45°


Imperial Metric
Table Size51" x 11"1,300 mm x 280 mm
T-Slots3 on 2.5"3 on 64 mm
T-Slot Size.625"16 mm
Maximum Weight Allowed on Table660 lb300 kg
Table Swivel± 45°± 45°
Table Travel, X-axis33.5"850 mm
Cross Travel, Y-axis11.5"290 mm
Knee Travel, Z-axis18.75"475 mm
Distance from spindle to over arm5.75"147 mm
Horizontal Spindle
Spindle Taper# 40# 40
Main Spindle Diameter 3.5"88 mm
U.S. Arbor Milling Diameter1"25.4 mm
International Arbor Milling Diameter1.063"27 mm
Number of SpeedsVariable (Hi-Lo)Variable (Hi-Lo)
Range at 50 Hz35 RPM to 1,800 RPM35 RPM to 1,800 RPM
Range at 60 Hz42 RPM to 2,160 RPM42 RPM to 2,160 RPM
Ram Mounted Vertical Head
Mechanical Infinite Variable Speed with Manual Settings55 RPM to 4,250 RPM
Low - 55 RPM to 490 RPM
High - 490 RPM to 4,250 RPM
Optional EVS - 0 RPM to 4,200 RPM
55 RPM to 4,250 RPM
Low - 55 RPM to 490 RPM
High - 490 RPM to 4,250 RPM
Optional EVS - 0 RPM to 4,200 RPM
Head Swivel± 90°± 90°
Head Tilt± 45°± 45°
Distance, Spindle to Column5" to 27”127 mm to 685 mm
Distance, Spindle to Table0" to 18” 0 mm to 457 mm
Power Feed per Revolution 0.0015"     |     0.003"     |     0.006"0.38 mm     |     0.076 mm     |     0.15 mm"
Spindle TaperR-8 (Opt. #40 NST; #30 NST; or Universal Q.S. 200 or 300)R-8 (Opt. #40 NST; #30 NST; or Universal Q.S. 200 or 300)
Quill Diameter3.37"86 mm
Quill Travel5" 127 mm
Number of FeedsContinuous VariableContinuous Variable
Longitudinal & Cross Feed0" per minute to 50” per minute0 mm per minute to 1,300 mm per minute
Vertical Feed0" per minute to 15" per minute 0 mm per minute to 390 mm per minute
Vertical Head5 Hp3.72 kW
Horizontal Spindle5.5 Hp4.1 kW
Working & Rapid FeedAC Brushless 5 HpAC Brushless 3.74 kW
Net Weight3,970 lb1,800 kg


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