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Geminis Multiprocess Horizontal Lathes GM Series

These multifunction machines combine turning, milling, boring and grinding operations, and have many advantages over conventional lathes. The GM series integrates the capacity to perform several processes allowing parts to be finished without costly machine changes.

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Multiprocess Lathing & Milling
Grinding & Boring
Automatic Tool Changer
Double Bed Configuration
Hydrostatic Steady Rests


Imperial Metric
Over the Bed157.5"4,000 mm
Over the Cross Slidup to 157.5"
up to 4,000 mm
X-Axis Cross Slide47.2" to 59"1,200 to 1,500 mm
Distance Between Centers39" to 944.9"1,000 to 24,000 mm
Height of Centersup to 118"up to 3,000 mm
Spindle Mount55026-15 or 55026-2055026-15 or 55026-20
Spindle Bore Diameter6" or 6.4"150 mm or 162 mm
Spindle Diameter at the Front Bearing10" to 19"260 mm to 480 mm
Spindle Wall Thickness at the Front BearingN/AN/A
Spindle Drive Continuous & Intermittent 123.3 Hp or 163.6 Hp
92 kW or 122 kW
Spindle Torque20,651 ft lb or 47,900 ft lb
28,000 nm or 65,000 nm
Spindle Speed Ranges0 RPM to 500RPM0 RPM to 500 RPM
Accuracy on the C-axis Spindle.001°.001°
Z-axis Intermittent Torque36.9 ft lb or 55.3 ft lb50 nm or 75 nm
X-axis Intermittent Torque14 ft lb or 36.9 ft lb19nm or 50 nm
Z-axis Carriage Feed & Rapid Rates314 in/min8,000 mm/min
X-axis Cross Slide Feed & Rapid Rates236 in/min6,000 mm/min
Quill Diameter13.8" to 23.6"350 mm to 600 mm
Quill Travel9.8" to 13.8"250 mm to 350 mm
Width108.5"2,755 mm
Height26.8" to 35.4"680 mm to 900 mm
Weight Between Points55,115 lb to 176369 lb25,000 kg to 80,000 kg
Power49 hp to 69 hp37 kW to 52 kW
Torque958 ft lb to 1,217 ft lb1,300 nm to 1,650 nm
Milling Speed3,000 RPM to 4,000RPM3,000 RPM to 4,000 RPM




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