Geminis Vertical Lathes

The Geminis Vertical Lathe, together with the optimized hydro-static guiding and the control of the temperature stability, grants the highest accuracy and
reliability approaching complex and high added value machining.

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Imperial Metric


Turning Diameter63" or 248"1,600 mm or 6,300 mm
Check Diameter47" ÷ 55" or 197" ÷ 228"1,200 ÷ 1,400 mm or 5,000 ÷ 5,800 mm
Standard Turning Height Up To79" or 157"2,000 mm or 4,000 mm
Max. Piece Weight22,046 lb or 264,554 lb10,000 kg or 120,000 kg
Main Motor Power29 + 29 Hp or 134 Hp +134 Hp22 + 22 Kw or 100 + 100 Kw
Chuck Speed100 RPM - 470 RPM100 RPM - 470 RPM
Positioning Speed C Axis5 Bidirectional or 10 Bidirectional5 Bidirectional or 10 Bidirectional
Min. Positioning Angle C Axis0.0001°0.0001°
Lathe Axis Drive GuidingHydraulicHydraulic
Axis Speed200 IPM500 mm/min
X Axis Speed1,181 IPM30,000 mm/min
X Axis Drive GuidingHydraulicHydraulic
Z Axis Speed1,575 IPM40,000 mm/min
Z Axis Drive GuidingHydraulicHydraulic
Ram Section11 x 11 IPM270 x 270 mm/min
Ram Stroke49 or 100 IPM1,250 or 2,550 mm/min
Milling Motor Power50 Hp 37 Kw
Tool Speed4,000 RPM4,000 RPM
Y Axis Speed1,181"30,000 mm
Y Axis Drive GuidingHydrostaticHydrostatic
Y Axis Stroke31" or 124"800 mm or 3,150 mm
Capacity (Number of Tools)40 - 20040 - 200


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