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Lagun Liberty Touch Turn Plus SE

The Lagun Liberty Touch Turn Plus SE combines constant surface speed and an electronically variable spindle drive, to make it one of the best lathes in the market. Its precision, power and durability makes it ideal for any tool room, maintenance and production applications.

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Imperial Metric
Swing over bed ways25.66”652 mm
Swing over carriage 23.43"595 mm
Swing over cross slide17.72”450 mm
Center distance40” or 60" or 80" or 120"1,000 mm or 1,500 mm or 2,000 mm or 3,000 mm
Width of Bed across ways14”350 mm
Center height13”325 mm
Spindle MT#5#5
Spindle Nose, ASAD1-8D1-8
Spindle Bore3”80 mm
Number of spindle speedsVariableVariable
Number of speed ranges33
Variable speeds up to 1,700 RPMup to 1,700 RPM
Cross slide travel (X)12”300 mm
Working feeds, X & Z197" per minute5 m per minute
Rapid traverse, Z276" per minute7 m per minute
Rapid traverse, X 276" per minute7 m per minute
Z –axis ball screw Ø1.57” or 0.39"40 mm or 10 mm
X-axis ball screw Ø0.79” or 0.20"20 mm or 5 mm
Maximum Tool Dimensions1" x 1”25 mm x 25 mm
Tailstock Quill Diameter3.74”95 mm
Quill Travel8.66”220 mm
Taper, MTNo. 5No. 5
Fixed Steady capacity7”185 mm
Follow Rest capacity5”130 mm
Main Motor Power10 hp7.5 kW
Pump Motor Power0.50 hp0.37 kW
Approximate Net Weight 4,079 lb to 7, 055 lb1,850 kg to 3,200 kg
Floor space required
Length104” or 126" or 150" or 185"2,650 mm or 3,200 mm or 3,800 mm or 4,700 mm
Width48”1,225 mm
Height77”1,950 mm
Acceptance AccurancyDIN 8605DIN 8605


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