Republic Lagun Machine Tool Co. Power Five Lathe 45"- 70" swings Big Bore Lathes

Republic Lagun is pleased to offer the American Turnmaster (AT) Power Five Series Lathes. The AT Power Five Series is an extension of the  AT Power One Series, available in swings of 45″, 50″, 60″, and 70″. AT makes these big bore manual lathes operator friendly by including a digital readout system, reducing setup time and increasing productivity. The Power Five heavy duty lathes come equipped with a hardened and ground, three bed way design. The large spindle consists of alloy steel, with opposed taper roller bearings.

It is critical to securely clamp the tailstock body when supporting heavy parts between centers. This is essential not only for safety of the operator but also to achieve accurate machining of the parts. Therefore, we’ve incorporated locking mechanisms that consist of under the way tailstock body clamps and a lateral tailstock body clamp into the design of the Tailstock body.

Turning is Lagun’s business.


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