Republic Lagun RFD-TCE Series Floor Drill with automatic drilling feed and electromagnetic clutch

The Republic Lagun RFD-TCE models are manual floor drills designed with an automatic feed/gear drive and electromagnetic clutch system. These floor drills are built with a drilling capacity in steel from 1.57″ (40mm) up to 2.76″ (70mm) and include a wide range of accessories as standard equipment. Safety features included are drill guard with a microstop, threaded nose with a safety nut, emergency push button etc. There are several possibilities to increase the standard features such as optional cycles, kits, and extra accessories that allow you to make it the ideal floor drill for your application.

Its sturdy construction, makes it an ideal machine designed for easy operation.

We offer these machines as well as the equipment required to provide solutions to your specific needs for drilling and tapping operations.


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