Republic Lagun TCG-CNC-TA-5X 5 Axis Tool and Cutter Grinders


  • Horizontal structure with high rigidity.
  • Built-in spindle HSK-50E.
  • Renishaw 3D tool probe/grinding wheel probe, automatically detects changes to improve machining accuracy.
  • A-axis workhead spindle is a direct-drive motor with internal cone BT50.
  • Built-in spindle HSK-50E and grinding wheel automatic exchange system with 4 sets of grinding wheels for exchange; each group of 3 wheels with maximum wheel diameter of Ø150mm and the longest wheel position of 200mm.
  • Optional Swiss STAUBLI TX2-60 robot loader with high degree of freedom and flexibility.


The Republic Lagun TCG-CNC-TA-5X 5-Axis Tool and Cutter Grinders featuring a highly rigid structural design. This 5-Axis Tool and Cutter Grinder aimed at grinding medium-sized and large-sized HSS and carbide material, especially in applications of aerospace and automobile. It is widely used for standard tools, special tools, re-grinding, batch grinding, and mixed batch grinding, etc. The TCG-CNC-TA-5X maintain high power output spindle and unmanned operation, while remaining stable and precise during the grinding process.


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MODELTCG-CNC-TA-5X Tool & Cutter Grinder
X axis Stroke15.75” (400 mm)
Y axis Stroke18.50” (470 mm)
Z axis Stroke13.78” (350 mm)
Swivel angle A axis Stroke360°
Swivel angle C axis Stroke-10 to 190°
Rapid traverse X/Y/Z590.55 ipm (15 m/min)
Rapid traverse A1,000 RPM
Rapid traverse C30 RPM
Linear resolution0.0001 mm
Radial resolution0.0001°
Workpiece diameter0.118-1.259” (3-32 mm)
Max. turning diameter3.54” (90 mm)
Max. workpiece length7.09” (180 mm)
Max. flute length5.91” (150 mm)
Wheel packs6” (max. 4 x Ø150 mm)
Wheel spindleHSK-50E
Spindle powerBuilt-in spindle 5.5 kW (7.5 HP) Built-in spindle 30 kW (40 HP) opt.
Max. rotation speed9,000 RPM
Electrical power 3 x 380VApprox. 30 kVA
Weight16248 lbs. (7370 kg) 16535 lbs. (7500 kg opt.) – includes robot system
Dimensions (L x W x H)151.97” x 125.51” x 107.32” (3860 x 3188 x 2726 mm)
ControllerNUM Flexium+ 68
Air pressure11.02 lbs/ cm² (Min.5 kgf/cm²)
Rated Flow39.63 gpm (Min.150 L/min)

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