Machine Spotlight: Lagun’s MM-ML Floor Type Milling Machine

Machine Spotlight: Lagun’s MM-ML Floor Type Milling Machine Lagun’s MM- ML Series In this weeks machine spotlight we’re focusing on Lagun’s MM-ML milling machine series. These adaptable, multitasking, floor type milling machines come equipped with a universally moving column, completely autonomous of a fixed bed. This convenient design facilitates the possibility of a variety of […]

Lagun’s BM is Back!

Lagun’s BM is back! The BM is in stock and ready to rock! Lagun Maher Holding’s innovative modular configuration system enables them to regularly produce their line of robust and versatile bed type milling machines. Check out which models are available to order below! Each BM comes equipped with Lagun’s standard Heidenhain TNC 640 mounted […]

Machine Spotlight: Lagun’s TM & TM T

Machine Spotlight: Lagun’s TM & TM T We’re back with the next instalment of our Lagun Maher Holding spotlight series. As we move down the line of Lagun’s exceptional Machining Centers, this week we’ll focus on the TM & TM T series. The TM & TM T The TM is a cross moving milling machines […]

Machine Spotlight: Lagun Maher Holding’s CM-CL

LAGUN Maher Holding's CM-CL Page Banner

Machine Spotlight: Lagun Maher Holding’s CM-CL Lagun Maher Holding’s CM-CL Series Today we’d like to shine the spotlight on another of Lagun Engineering’s exclusive partners, LAGUN Maher Holding. As their sole distributors, our relationship with LAGUN Maher Holding (previously LAGUN Heavy Mills) has deep roots that go back over twenty years. They specialize in the […]

Machine Spotlight: Lagun Heavy’s BM series

Lagun Heavy’s BM machines are a series of bed-type universal milling machines that feature compact and robust construction, created to offer application-oriented technological solutions to achieve high profitability. Manufactured and engineered in Lagun’s facilities in Spain, the BM series offers the standard BM-BL as well as the BM-RT and BM-C, which both offer rotary tables. […]

Lagun Marholding debuts new heads at EMO exhibition

Lagun Maher Holding showcases new heads at EMO exhibition At last week’s EMO exhibition Lagun Maher Holding, a Lagun partner, showcased a new series of precision milling heads at the 2021 EMO Milan exhibition. The trade show, which took place from October 4-9 in Milan, Italy, included hundreds of exhibitors from over 30 countries all […]

Machine News

Precise machining on-site with the portable Lagun Line Boring Machine (MFP). Introducing the Lagun MFP Line Boring Machine, a portable, customizable machine designed for on-site machining. The versatile MFP allows you to perform milling, face-milling, drilling, tapping, and boring all in one set-up, while maintaining alignment between different positions and with remarkably precise accuracy.. The MFP is uniquely […]