Republic Lagun TCG-CM-2 & TCG-CM-A Monoset Tool and Cutter Grinders


  • Highest quality Meehanite casting with outstanding rigidity and vibration dampening.
  • Maintains its versatility for generating straight or tapered, right or left hand, infinitely variable leads from a simple build in lead mechanism.
  • A rotating mount of the entire work head slide assembly is adjustable through 235 plus degrees in the horizontal plane.
  • One shot lube system.
  • Work head that is adjustable on a separate main slide with dual hand wheel control. This reduces set up times.
  • Turcite B-lined ways.
  • Ballscrews on wheelhead X and Y axis.
  • Machine comes equipped with an assortment of standard tooling and a variety of optional accessories. See photos and options lists for each model.
  • Complete 3/60/220 OR 3/60/.440 volt electrics.
  • Compact footprint, 60” X 40” X 63” tall.
  • Turntable and guide bar allow workpieces grinding from different directions.
  • Turntable and work head set can rotate horizontally 210 degrees.


Introducing Republic Lagun’s TCG-CM-2 & TCG-CM-A. These monoset tool and cutter grinders is capable of multiple grinding operations with a single chucking of the workpiece. These grinders are able to sharpen and recondition complex tool shapes and parts with ease.

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Capacity Workhead
Swing over main slide12” (304 mm)12” (304 mm)
Collet diameter maximum1.25” (31 mm)1.25” (31 mm)
Collet diameter minimum0.12” (3 mm)0.12” (3 mm)
Lead generated by spiral lead mechanism minimum1.81” (45mm)1.81” (45mm)
Lead generated by spiral lead mechanism maximum6” (152 mm)6” (152 mm)
Range of Workhead
Main slide travel5.75” (146 mm)5.75” (146 mm)
Offset slide travel, total5.25” (133 mm)5.25” (133 mm)
Front of center3” (76 mm)3” (76 mm)
Rear of center2.25” (57 mm)2.25” (57 mm)
Work head angular adjustment235 degrees horizontal plane, turn table base235 degrees horizontal plane, turn table base
Work head angular adjustment40° vertical plane, above center40° vertical plane, above center
Work head angular adjustment40°, below center40°, below center
Wheel Head
Longitudinal slide travel6” (152 mm)6” (152 mm)
Vertical slide travel, total9.50” (241 mm)9.50” (241 mm)
Vertical slide travel, above center4.50” (114 mm)4.50” (114 mm)
Vertical slide travel, below center5” (127 mm)5” (127 mm)
Cross slide travel, total7.50” (190 mm)7.50” (190 mm)
Cross slide travel, front of center3” (76 mm)3” (76 mm)
Cross slide travel, rear of center4.50” ( 114 mm)4.50” ( 114 mm)
Grinding wheel diameter maximum4” (100 mm)4” (100 mm)
Grinding wheel spindle speedWork head, single speed, 436 rpmWork head, single speed, 436 rpm
Grinding wheel spindle speedWheel head three speeds, 4000, 5729, 8000 rpmsWheel head three speeds, 4000, 5729, 8000 rpms
Electrical Motors & Physical Dimensions
Work head drive, AC¼ HP (0.186 kw )¼ HP (0.186 kw )
Wheel head drive AC½ HP (0.37 kw)½ HP (0.37 kw)
Area of base only25” x 26” (635 mm x 660 mm)25” x 26” (635 mm x 660 mm)
Area required for machine60” x 67” (1524 mm x 1701 mm)60” x 67” (1524 mm x 1701 mm)
Height, overall, wheel head raised62.12” (1517 mm)62.12” (1517 mm)
Net weight1525 lbs (691 kg)1525 lbs (691 kg)

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