The Geminis line represents the very finest technology available in horizontal and multiprocess lathes. We offer custom engineered solutions for highly specialized industries and applications.
Geminis Railway Lathes GV8-R

Designed for hub machining, external wheel profile machining and greasing hole machining.

Geminis Railway Lathes GB3-R

Vertical lathe for boring applications.

Geminis Railway Lathes GT5-R

Horizontal lathe for high precision finishing.

Geminis Railway Lathes GT7-R

Horizontal lathe for high precision finishing.

Geminis GHT-5-G2-1000

Republic Lagun- Geminis vast experience in the machine tool sector together with the cooperation of the R&D department of its Integral Technological Center have resulted in a new generation of UNIVERSAL TURNING CENTERS of excellent quality, great performance, accuracy, flexibility and high output.

Geminis GHT Large CNC Lathe
Geminis Lathes GT Series

The Geminis GT series exemplifies the most modern innovations to industrial CNC lathes including a more efficient chip removal system, above ground mounting, and an optional full enclosure allowing for
fog or mist coolant systems. From a variety of sizes Geminis lathes assures quality, accuracy, rigidity, and reliability.

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