Lagun Engineering Solutions proudly offers a variety of grinders from Geibel & Hotz. Each machine is German engineered and constructed to the highest caliber; always keeping quality first!
AKP Series

The AKP machines are made with 3 separate bases: longitudinal for grinding wheel head (two in the front for headstock and workheads). Workhead equipped with counterweight that move on slides for balancing the workpiece. Tailstock can move on the base supported by a pneumatic system(air cushion) to obtaining movement’s sensitivity and to avoid table-rubbing wear. Grinding wheel head is swivelable. The machine is equipped with the CNC wheel dresser interfaced with CNC control system. The dressing of the grinding wheel is done by a diamond forming roll.

The AKP is an ExternalCNC Gap Grinder made specifically for aircraft landing gear grinding. It is designed with one grinding wheelhead with rotation ± 20˚; rotation.

The machine can be made with two configuration:
AKP – one grinding wheelhead with rotation ± 20˚
AKP2W – wheelhead“B” axis with rotation ± 180˚


The Republic Lagun high-abrasive CNC vertical grinding center with 5-axis machining capability is engineered to grind exotic materials such as titanium or InconelTM by utilizing either nickel Plated or VIT CBN wheels.

Tool and Cutter Grinder - Featured
Tool and Cutter Grinder

This tool and cutter grinder offers a tilting wheelhead for easy clearance and ability to provide for a wide angle of grinding. Its compact footprint combined with its backlash-free operation make it ideal for any shop floor.

AH Surface Grinder

These manual surface grinders are built for virtually every industry application. The S models are offered with 7” grinding wheels and 2 hp, and the L models are offered with 14” grinding wheels and 5 hp motors. The C models are hydraulic cross fed, and the D models are cross fed by sensor and solenoid valves.

Geibel & Hotz Rotary Surface Grinder
SD Rotary Table Grinder

The RT  SD series is a rotary table surface-grinding machine. It is ideal for the production grinding of small parts as well as for large cylindrical components. This machine is available with a 15.75 in diameter rotary table.

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