Lagun Liberty STH Series

The STH series of CNC lathes is a landmark among the flat bed computer numeric control machines. Parallel lathes up to 4 axis providing an exceptional versatility in the industry, combined with the precision and surface quality that have settled Lagun as a benchmark in the machine tool world. The STH parallel lathes have been designed thinking in the most demanding clients, using the best quality components in addition to the most innovative technology.

Lagun Liberty SE Series

The SE Series are accurate and robust machines, satisfying the most demanding working conditions, beside the SE is characterized by its chip
removal capacity as consequence of the electronic variable speed drive and the high torque provided by the three-speed gear box.

Lagun Liberty ST Series

The Lagun Liberty Touch Turn Plus ST series lathes provide a variable-speed direct drive and an eight station CNC controlled automatic turret. The ST series lathes are ideal for any shop looking to increase productivity and reduce downtime. They are silent and easy to use machines while providing high turning speed and excellent finishes.

Geminis GHT Large CNC Lathe
Geminis Lathes GT Series

The Geminis GT series exemplifies the most modern innovations to industrial CNC lathes including a more efficient chip removal system, above ground mounting, and an optional full enclosure allowing for
fog or mist coolant systems. From a variety of sizes Geminis lathes assures quality, accuracy, rigidity, and reliability.

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