Tool and Cutter Grinder - Featured
Tool and Cutter Grinder

This tool and cutter grinder offers a tilting wheelhead for easy clearance and ability to provide for a wide angle of grinding. Its compact footprint combined with its backlash-free operation make it ideal for any shop floor.

Republic AHR Surface Grinders
Republic AH Surface Grinder

These manual surface grinders are built for virtually every industry application. The S models are offered with 7” grinding wheels and 2 hp, and the L models are offered with 14” grinding wheels and 5 hp motors. The C models are hydraulic cross fed, and the D models are cross fed by sensor and solenoid valves.

Geibel & Hotz Rotary Surface Grinder
SD Rotary Table Grinder

The RT  SD series is a rotary table surface-grinding machine. It is ideal for the production grinding of small parts as well as for large cylindrical components. This machine is available with a 15.75 in diameter rotary table.

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