Moving Column

Lagun Engineering Solutions offers a wide variety in moving column milling machines from our European partners. Our CNC moving column milling machines are built to the highest quality and engineered for maximum accuracy with minimal downtime.

Previously the GCM moving column with fixed bed milling machine.
The CM Moving column milling machines by LAGUN are highly versatile with a compact and robust design.


For machining large parts with high-precision demands, Lagun supplies the cross moving column Milling Machine (T-type) Milling Machines.


Previously the GML Moving Column milling machine.

There are two versions of this machine:

-ML model allows for one head to be used for machining applications.

-MLX version is prepared for an automatic head changer, allowing one to use multiple heads with the machine depending on their manufacturing needs.


Previously the GMM moving column milling machine.


TM Series

Previously the GTM moving column “T” type milling machine.
The CNC traveling column by Lagun model, TM  is a T-type moving column milling machine designed for working with large parts requiring high precision.

Kairos Moving Column Milling Machine

Designed specifically to handle tall projects, the moving column Kairos machining center from Zayer allows multi-sided machining operations. An extremely fast rapid feed also makes the Kairos ideal for pendulum work. Multiple head options allow for a variety of capabilities including five-axis machining.

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