Burgsmuller WM 180-2000 Whirling Machine

Whirling is a manufacturing operation in which “geometrically oriented cutters remove material”. Whirling removes material similar to that of milling. However, in whirling, the cutter uses carbide inserts arranged along the inside circumference of a ring. This technique leads to faster machining times and higher surface finish quality. Whirling is today’s most economical and cost effective solution to produce external threaded parts.


Explosion Proof Vertical Band Saw


CNC Explosion Proof Slant Bed Lathe with 4-axis interpolation capabilities.


CNC lathe built to D.O.D specifications with sliding enclosure.


CNC lathe installed in a limited space bunker.


Column-type floor drill.


3-Axis CNC vertical mill


3-axis horizontal mill with rise & fall


Automatic Dual Column Bandsaw

Rise & Fall CNC Milling Machine
Rise & Fall CNC Milling Machine

The rise and fall horizontal spindle mills have a table that moves in the 3 axis x,y, and z by means of precision ball screws. The spindle is horizontal and can be used with a horizontal arbor that supports a wide range of tools from grinding wheels to horizontal cutting tools or precision polishing tools.

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