Flexible machining system for an efficient skin manufacturing

Aluminum skin milling is a highly challenging process due to the high quality requirements needed in the aerospace and aeronautic industries. Nowadays, on these markets, there are just two technological approaches able to face the manufacturing of this sort of wide thin blanks: chemical and mechanical milling by means of highly complex machines. Both solutions lead to a high investment requirement that affect directly on the application profitability on these industrial sectors.

Regarding this field, the experienced machine manufacturer, ZAYER, presents a flexible machining system that allows milling skin shaped parts within required tolerances by means of an innovative universal holding fixture combined with an adaptive toolpath development.

Growing your flexibility

This development is ready to handle a wide range of aerospace applications and parts. From flat, wide and thinly shaped parts, to more complex, curved panels, this system is able to adapt its fixture in order to guarantee uniform clamping conditions.

Furthermore, with this solution there is no need of readapting the fixture set-up in order to combine milling processes with trimming and drilling, while one or more separated parts are held at the same time.

Increasing your competitiveness

This technological solution has been developed for process efficiency as it allows facing the skin machining with a drastically reduced investment. Hence, this technology turns into a more affordable manufacturing process for industrial suppliers and increases the competitiveness on the aerospace and aeronautic markets.

Compared with other more complex technological solutions, this system is ready to optimize the fixture set up. How is this achieved? The machine’s head and the shape of the fixture is adapted to the part’s geometry. Thus, no extra control is required to control the fixture position.

On the other hand, this device can be adapted to a different range of machine models. Thus, the original machine can be reused for other applications as the fixture can be removed depending on the production requirement.


Zayer mill machine head

Zayer mill group


Aerospace & aeronautic tolerances guaranteed

This solution includes an implementation that can adapt the machining toolpath by means of the skin thickness online measurement. The integration of these two innovative devices allows machining a wide range of low stiffness panels, including different sizes, geometries and curvatures representatives of the aerospace and aeronautic markets.

Smart manufacturing: Connect your machine, connect your process, connect your product

ZAYER’s philosophy is oriented to the smart manufacturing aligned with the Industry 4.0 paradigm. Based on the IT-integrations machine, process and part can be monitored turning it into an innovative cyber-physical system (CPS). Thus, the machine maintenance cost can be reduced, machining processes optimized and product value chain improved.


Zayer Smart Product


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