The Zayer sales team at a previous exhibition

In a recent interview with Zayer sales manager Ricardo Diego, Lagun Partner Zayer announced it would be attending EMO Milano 2021 this October. The trade show, which takes place from October 4-9 in Milan, Italy, will include hundreds of exhibitors from over 30 countries all exhibiting their latest and greatest products and technologies.

Zayer’s Ricardo Diego described EMO as having, “always been the perfect event for us to make new contacts with customers and players from other faraway countries.” Diego continued by reflecting on previous successes in past years of EMO, “Each year EMO has kick-started several international collaborations for ZAYER. We are a recognized brand at the event and we want to take advantage of the positive reaction of our clients, interested parties and followers to drive relations and also develop new contacts this year.”

When discussing what Zayer would be presenting at EMO 2021, Diego explained that Zayer, “will take advantage of this opportunity to showcase our new ARES bridge milling machine, which is equipped with a mobile crosspiece to facilitate accessibility in machining operations thanks to the machine’s rigidity and power, achieving a better dynamic by working with a more optional ram route.”

He went on to explain that, while the new ARES machine would be the mainstay of their exhibit, there are many other new features Zayer is excited to showcase and discuss including their recently developed apps, HMI interface and connection platforms.

While considering the effects of the COIVD-19 pandemic, Diego remarked that he felt a strong desire to re-establish normality. He said that while Zayer has made great advancements in its digital presence and communications, face-to-face events, from exhibitions like EMO to facility tours, will continue to be a major key in promoting companies and building strong client relationships. Since the industry-wide decrease in demand that resulted from the pandemic is starting to reverse, increasing demand across the board, Zayer expects EMO 2021 to be significantly more influential than an average year. Zayer believes that this year’s exhibition will function as an excellent springboard for the sector’s players who are hoping for a significant reboot to meet the rapidly rebounding demands of clients around the world.

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